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It's a powerful iPhone cleaner that will free up storage space for your iPhone
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No matter how popular, reliable and handy your iPhone is, it can still be affected by a common problem that affects other similar device: at some point, the available disk space becomes insufficient. No matter how much disk space the iPhone initially has, it's quite likely the "Phone storage almost full" pop-up will eventually show up, as disk space gets easily consumed by applications, photos, videos, and so on. And once free disk space is almost depleted, all kinds of issues may occur, the most noticeable of which might be slow iPhone performance, lack of space needed for taking new pictures and shooting new videos, or even impossibility to updates because of limited disk space.

The good news is that there's a handy application that helps you deal with this issue, and it does that in a simple and convenient manner. iMyfone Umate is a specialized disk space saver for iPhones that will clean your device of unnecessary files and free up precious disk space.

This powerful tool is incredibly simple to use. Just connect your iPhone to your computer (having iTunes installed is also required), start the application, and check that it properly detects the connected phone. Then it will let you start a scan which analyzes your iPhone and determines the files that can be removed. It will detect and offer you to get rid of unneeded files, such as crash logs, temporary files, cookies, cache files, and so on. Deleting these junk files won't affect the performance of your iPhone negatively, as they aren't needed by the iOS or by any application to properly function, but the benefit of erasing these files and freeing up disk space is undeniable. Anyway, iMyfone Umate doesn't free up disk space just by removing junk files. It also does that by offering you to compress photos (lossless compression that doesn't affect the quality of the pictures) and reduce their sizes as well. Two additional functions are also available to help you manage your iPhone space: a tool to help you remove unused apps (and gain space as well by uninstalling these apps), and a feature that shows you which are the large files that take the most of your iPhone disk space.

I was also impressed by various backup features that this tool offers to ensure the safety of your data and of your iPhone. You can use iMyfone Umate without worrying that it will cause any harm, as it is an accurate and reliable tool that only deals with completely unnecessary files, and as it also offers numerous safety nets and backup functions all along the way.

Another cool thing about iMyfone Umate is that it supports not only iPhones (all iPhone models from iPhone 4 and 4s to the latest iPhone 6s), but other iOS-powered devices as well, such as iPads and iPods Touch.

To cut a long story short, iMyfone Umate convinced me beyond any doubt that it can effectively solve the disk space problem of any iPhone.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports iPads and iPod Touch devices as well
  • Precise detection of junk files
  • Can also remove apps and compress photos
  • Will also show the largest files on the disk
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Reasonable price


  • None
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